Young Jack to launch new job app


A young entrepreneur from Romford is launching a new social media recruitment platform to help young people find employment.

Jack Parsons
Jack Parsons will help those who have no higher education qualifications by matching them with employers by their skill set.

Yourfeed founder Jack Parsons said: “UK businesses are currently failing young people. I know – I’m 23 and left school with no qualifications and was told by teachers I had no prospects, especially without a degree.

Employers didn’t want to know me – for them it’s all about going to university.”

Yourfeed claims it is a user first social media platform dedicated to bridging the gap between talented young people and potential employers using advanced algorithms to match people with opportunities that matter and appeal to them.

The platform provides opportunities to network, upskill and progress for young people. It promises employers that they will find young talent on which they can build their businesses future. Brands already indorsing Yourfeed are Facebook and Google.

Linked in, which is a similar social platform, aims more at the established professionals and over 75% of their users are over 35.

Mr Parsons continues: “As the general election has just shown us, we have a thirst for change and must learn from the ‘youthquake’ that was a key component in Labour’s share of the vote. We want a chance in life to showcase our skills and potential.”

“The younger generation are missing out on getting an interview because of out of date recruitment screening processes and an over emphasis on paper qualifications.”

Speaking ahead of the Beta Launch of Yourfeed on June 28, Parsons, who has £700,000 investment behind the business, urges employers to look at the untapped potential of millennials and generation Z-ers when looking for an ideal candidate for a job vacancy.


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