Yoga expert on hand to help relax Havering


A ‘peaceful’ and ‘relaxing’ experience was had by all at the Havering Association for People with Disabilities (H.A.D.) last Friday May 25.

The group welcomes Paul Huyler McQueen to run a yoga class out in their beautiful garden.
Cheryl Cable from H.A.D told The Enquirer: “We had the pleasure of welcoming Paul Huyler McQueen to Havering Association for People with Disabilities.

“Paul is an experienced yoga and massage teacher and came along to teach some very willing members the basics of yoga, bathing and meditation. Despite being a bit of a cloudy day, we set up in the garden of H.A.D which is a very peaceful setting for a meaning of yoga and medication.”

Councillors Jan Sargent and Philip Crowder were also present. Councillor Sargent told The Enquirer: “For me it baled me to step back and appreciate the importance of taking time out of our busy lives to really analyse our mind, body and soul. To understand the importance of the way we breath, exercise and our posture.

“All this is so important in how we can try and control stress and anxiety.”


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