Woman raising money to take on Inca Trail to help fight cancer

The fabled Macchu Picchu awaits those who brave the Inca Trail

High in the Andes

A Thundersley woman is holding a auction to raise funds for effort to complete in the Inca Trail Challenge for Bone Cancer Research.

Sarah Middleton needs to raise at least £3,500 in order to take part in the ambitious feat this November.

The walk consists of 58km over mixed terrain, often causing participants to suffer injured knees from the many steep steps; as well as altitude sickness – not helped by the total lack of facilities along the entire route.

On Saturday June 30 at St Peter’s Church Hall in Church Road, Thundersley Sarah is holding an auction and everybody is welcome.

Sarah said: “After being made redundant and being nearer to 50 than 40, I felt it was the right time to push myself. Like many people, I have had difficulties in my life, but those facing cancer, are often stronger than us mortals.

“I have chosen to do this for BCRT for a couple of reasons. The first, obviously, is to raise funds for this worthwhile charity.

“Bone cancer is generally not as well funded as other cancers, and we need to get more awareness of the amazing work they are doing in research.

“Empty that loft out and sell all those treasures. Buyers and sellers pay 10% commission with the rest going to the bone charity cancer.

“It could be a box of games, a sack of clothes, a chair or even that Ming Vase. New and second-hand items can be sold.

“We just ask that everything be suitable for resale and sellers can drop goods off from 3.30pm. We are also looking for services that people can bid for? We are happy to advertise local and small businesses as well if they can donate anything that we can auction.”

Viewing will take place from 4pm. Auction starts at 6.45pm. Entry is 50p.

For more details or questions please telephone 01268 565646 or email [email protected]

Primary bone cancer is unusual in that it affects a wide range of age groups.
It can affect children, adolescents, young adults and can also occur in elderly people; whereas the majority of other primary cancers occur mainly in older adults.

If you wish to donate to Sarah’s just giving page at www.justgiving.com/ fundraising/sarah-middleton25



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