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RETURNING TO TV screens following runaway hit Bodyguard, Keeley Hawes stars in the highly anticipated spy thriller Traitors, which after its run on Channel 4, arrives on DVD courtesy of Acorn Media International. Set in 1945, this epic drama follows an intern, played by Emma Appleton, turned double agent in a dark and dangerous new world.

Created and written by Boardwalk Empire scribe Bash Doran in her first original commission for British TV, and starring a stellar line-up including Luke Treadaway (Ordeal by Innocence, Fortitude) Stephen Campbell Moore (The Last Post, The Child in Time), Matt Lauria (Kingdom, Parenthood), Greg McHugh (Fresh Meat, The A Word), Brandon P. Bell (Dear White People, Insecure) and Cara Horgan (West of Liberty, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas), this enthralling series begins after the Second World War as Britain, America and Russia are all vying for a new world order.

This coming of age female spy story follows Feef Symonds (Appleton – Clique, Grantchester), a gutsy, determined, but naïve 21-year-old, struggling to define herself in a bewilderingly fast-changing world. When she accepts a position with the British Civil Service alongside the formidable and forward-thinking Priscilla (Hawes – Line of Duty, The Missing), she hopes to finally utilise her spy training picked up during the war. But her allegiances are about to be called in to question.

In the aftermath of a shock election win by the Labour Party lead by Clement Attlee, there is unrest across the water and an American agent, Rowe (Michael Stuhlbarg – Shape of Water, The Post), targets Feef to spy on her own country. Accepting the challenge, she is about to discover a shocking secret that could put her life in grave danger…has she made a terrible mistake?

This stylish, spy drama delves deep into a seismic moment in global politics, and with shifting allegiances spelling a turning point for world powers, it holds up a mirror to our own turbulent and uncertain political climate. Alongside its dangerous, gripping storyline, it makes for truly edge-of-seat viewing.

Traitors, RRP £24.99 available on DVD and digitally to download and keep from iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

We have 3 copies of Traitors on DVD to give away. To win a copy, simply send your name and contact details by email, along with subject header ‘Traitors DVD Comp’ to: [email protected] or by post to the usual Enquirer address (See p2). Closing date 15 April 2019.


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