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Starting out life as an actress, having trained in Guildford, Mandy Muden has been honing her magic skills for many years. Her initial foray into the world of magic was working in a Circus as a magician’s assistant but somewhat accident prone she managed to set fire to her caravan and had a run in with a boxing kangaroo!

Since then, Mandy has performed all over the world from Comedy Clubs to the most prestigious venues ranging from The Magic Castle in Hollywood to Buckingham Palace.

The New Year sees Mandy embark on a tour with her new show ‘Cunning Stunts’ which will be packed with her razor sharp wit, magic tricks and plenty of mind reading!

James Rampton finds out more….

Q: You were a huge hit on Britain’s Got Talent this year. On the back of that, you are now embarking on your first ever national tour, “Cunning Stunts”. What made you want to apply for BGT?
A: I had a cowboy builder who smashed my house to smithereens and took all my savings. So I had to take out huge loans to get the house back to a liveable state. I had been working abroad a lot and needed to rekindle my work here so I could sort out the house. So I was thinking, “What am I going to do now?” Then, thankfully I had the brilliant idea of going on Britain’s Got Talent.

Q: How did it go when you went on stage?
A: It was brilliant! I loved it. The audience was amazing, and the judges were so nice to me. I was gobsmacked. I thought Simon would rip me to shreds, but he was lovely. He said, “You’re the best witch we’ve ever had on the show!” At one point during my act, I produced a melon, and Simon said, “Any woman who can lay a melon deserves to go through!”

Q: How would you describe your experience on Britain’s Got Talent?
A: I loved every minute of it. The whole production team are sensational, from the runners to the top producer. They are a real credit to the programme. They really made the whole experience for me.

Q: What effect has your success on Britain’s Got Talent had on you?
A: It’s been life changing. Britain’s Got Talent, has turned everything around for me.

Q: How have you done that?
A: The amazing reception and feedback from Britain’s Got Talent gave me such a buzz. I’ve laid right of the chocolates and lost 20 pounds. I’ve got loads of work and I’m appearing with Brendan Cole in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at the Swan Theatre in High Wycombe. I am playing the Sprit of the Mirror, and I’ll be flying around the theatre. I am scared of heights, so I’ll have to have a bit of ‘Dutch Courage’ before I go on!

Q: And thanks to your popularity on Britain’s Got Talent, you’re now setting out on your first national tour, aren’t you?
A: Yes. I really wanted to do my own show. I wanted to do the whole evening, rather than just a 20-minute slot in a comedy club. “Cunning Stunts” will feature the very best of my comedy magic. I can’t wait to get out on tour. I’ll be travelling round the country in my Fiat 500, so it will be a case of pack small and play big! The tickets are already going really well – I can’t believe it!

Q: What do you hope people will take away from “Cunning Stunts”?
A: I want people to have great fun, see some good magic and have a bloody good laugh.

Q: How is magic perceived in the UK now?
A: For a long time, people have had a love-hate relationship with magic. For years on BGT, Simon hated magicians. People didn’t like the smugness of some magicians – it irritated them. There was also an old-fashioned tinge about it. However, since then there have been some great TV magic shows, amazing magicians have broken through and there has been some fantastic magicians on BGT.

Q: With your enormous success, you can help change the perception of magic, can’t you?
A: I hope so. Now people come up to me and say, “I hate magic and didn’t want to come to your show, but I loved it!”

Q: Since shining on Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year, you now have a whole army of new fans. What do they say when they come up to on the street?
They are just lovely and so kind. I really didn’t realise how many people watch Britain’s Got Talent. I flew into Malta and was asked for a selfie by some locals who had watched it there. I was in Lisbon and an Australian man had seen me on the show in Australia. I’m loving the attention to be honest. I’d like to do it all over again.
Mandy Muden’s national tour, “Cunning Stunts”, begins in the New Year.


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