WI ladies pickle onions to sell for charity


The West Tilbury’s WI are following a tradition their October meeting by cutting and peeling a huge amount of onions reading for the pickling process.

Wearing rubber gloves, and with watery eyes from the onions the ladies chatted through light supper, coffee and cake, until every last onion was done.

Their vice president, Lorna Jones said: “We took home the three sacks of onions for overnight soaking, washing and bottling in spiced vinegar.
“Several ladies made tags and jar toppers to label our pickles all ready to sell at the Corringham Village Hall Christmas Fayre on Saturday December 8.

“We sold out very quickly last year due to demand, so this year we have increased our stock of our well known WI Pickled Onions, so don’t miss out; with all monies raised going towards funding our charity.” Their next meeting takes place on Tuesday November 6 at 7pm at the West Tilbury Village Hall. New members welcome.


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