Why you should vote for Labour


Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas tells the Enquirer why people should vote Labour this Thursday May 3rd.

“Polling Day is today and your vote couldn’t be more important and is a real opportunity for residents across the whole of Havering.

“It is an opportunity for change. In the north of the borough the administration are claiming they want to ‘keep Havering special’, using dog-whistle racism to divide local communities.

“In the south of the borough the incumbents’ slogan is ‘Time for Change’. They are right. This Thursday use your three votes for change.

“Vote for your Labour candidates. You can’t trust the Tories in Havering, don’t be fooled by their pledges to protect our green spaces.

“In January they spent over £100,000 of your money doing the opposite; fighting residents in a legal battle to deny Dovers Green in South Hornchurch protected status.

“If residents are going to get the best deal, then we need a strong united opposition that holds the Tories to account. That is why I am asking the people of Havering to support Labour.

“On Thursday you have some fantastic local people standing from the Labour Party to represent you. They haven’t just appeared at election time for your vote. They have been active in the community where they live and work for years.


“This couldn’t be truer of the candidates standing in south Havering. My action teams in Rainham & Wennington, South Hornchurch and Elm Park have been fighting alongside residents on the issues that are important to them for the last few years.

“Vote for change. Vote for people that will stand by residents and fight for you at every level in Rainham, South Hornchurch, Elm Park and the rest of the borough. Use your votes for Labour”.


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