Wetnose visits Hopefield Animal Sanctuary


Wetnose visits Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Essex and had a lovely morning at the Sanctuary, there is a café for refreshments and lots of happy animals to see. If you have a pet and need information Rescue Centres will always help and give advice.

One Rescue Story:
Meet Dougal and Dustin they arrived last year in a sorry state, these tiny little lambs were rescued from the meat trade. Initially, 3 baby lambs came to us all with health issues as they had been rejected by their mother. All of them had respiratory infections and Dylan, one the lambs, sadly passed away because his infection had turned into pneumonia. Dougal had a bacterial infection in his joints so needed several courses of antibiotics. Dustin was a lot smaller, and at 1 week old was found in the farmer’s barn almost frozen to death.

No one was optimistic that Dustin would pull through, but after some warming up and some intensive care he has recovered. Both needed to be bottle fed by staff around the clock until they grew old enough to eat normal food. Dustin loves Dougal so much he has to do everything he does and even falls asleep on him! They are such lovable lambs.
Wetnose gave Hopefield £1,000 towards their Winter Feed Bill.



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