We still say No


THE Dovers Farm estate protests in South Hornchurch took another step forward this week as local residents came out on the green to object.

Councillor Graham Williamson, who is leading the protests told The Enquirer:

“Residents on the estate in South Hornchurch, who have been objecting to the building on their Green, have been asked by the Council if they would like to withdraw those objections to a ‘Stopping Up Order’ being put on the Green.

“This Order is effectively used to change the land’s designation from a ‘Highways verge’ to legally allow any development.”


Some of these residents gathered on the Green to discuss the letter last week and meet with local councillors to help them stop the building of houses on their green space.

Concern was expressed that the letter didn’t have a deadline date and shared the addresses of objectors.

Residents are also angry as they feel the council are still ignoring their objections, including the possible loss of their Rights of Way on and through the Green, which the estate’s residents’ had enjoyed for nearly 70 years.

Mr Williamson continued: “The Regulations require the Council to ask residents whether they will change their minds and drop their objections but listening to their comments today I doubt anyone will.”

He is further urging residents to write to the [email protected], by addressing it to Joe Wilkinson the Planning Support Manager, referencing: MGLA140319-7882

Stopping Up Order on Dovers Farm Estate Green.

South Hornchurch Councillor Natasha Summers said: “Residents should express their personal objection to the loss of their Rights of Way, the
fact that it has never been used as a Highway or verge, and ask the Mayor to ensure the Council holds a enquiry, chaired by an independent legal figure.”
South Hornchurch activist Ross Elliott who also attended the meeting told The

Enquirer: “Many locals that don’t even live on the estate have used the Green over the years for dog walking, recreation and sports.

“At the last election the winning party said they were going to ‘Keep Havering Special’.

“What is more special in Havering than our Green Spaces?”

Dovers Green is bounded by New Zealand Way, Queenstown Gardnes and Gisborn Gardens.

Local resident Kay Seechi, who overlooks the Green, said: “The council expect our children to cross dangerous main roads to find a green to play on, nobody wants that it’s so dangerous.

“We are trying to create a safe area for our children to grow in, not make it worse”.

“There’s an awful lot of love towards our green. It has been used for many many years by residents for sporting and community events.

“We don’t want ‘leafy Havering’ turned into a concrete jungle.”

Dovers Farm Estate was built following the Second World War, the patch of land was left as an open area for the community.

The proposal is for 30 new dwellings comprising two bedroom and three bedroom houses with associated car parking and landscaping.


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