We say NO!


Local residents living next to Dovers Green are still fighting the decision to build houses on their much loved village green.

The green in south Hornchurch is seen as a ‘precious space’ by its neighbours whose houses overlook the area.

Resident Association councillors, who have been fighting the planning application, are supporting locals in the area in a bid to stop the building.
Councillor Graham Williamson said: “After rejecting the residents Village Green application on Dovers Farm (South Hornchurch) the Council passed a planning application to build on the Green, because it is regarded as ‘Highways’ land, they also obtained a Stopping Up Order to change its’ designation.”

Unhappy local residents however, are not accepting the loss of their Green and have complained to the Council that it was, never previously used as a highway, they have had unobstructed access for over 60 years, there would be a desecration of the war memorial which the Council propose removing from its present spot, and the fear of traffic safety issues given the large increase of vehicle in a relatively small area.

It is believed that now it is likely to go to a Public Enquiry for a final decision.

Councillor Graham Williamson continued: “The Administration promised the electorate last May that they would keep Havering Special e.g. open spaces and low density.

“There is no evidence that they have done so.

“The Dovers Farm Green is a symbol of Havering’s ‘green environment’. I am calling upon the Council to honour their promise to ‘Keep Havering Special’ by saving the Green.”


Local resident Ross Elliot told The Enquirer: “I believe the decision to build homes on the green is a shortsighted one and the council should not be so irresponsible when it comes to our green spaces. After all, they are part of what makes the area so special.”

Residents who overlook the green came out to protest and Maudline Still-Reed said: “It’s disgusting, there are families and generations who have lived around here and we are now going to be waking up looking at houses. They won’t have any privacy and neither will we”.

Havering’s leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White told The Enquirer: “We are determined to help local people who are struggling to find accommodation into quality affordable homes.

“This site will deliver 30 homes for local people, helping to create a strong community for Havering residents.”


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