Walking through the heart of Thurrock


In a unique experiment travel author Nick Corble is inviting people to share, quite literally, all the steps involved in the writing of his latest book, a travelogue describing a trek ‘slicing through the heart of England’, which passes through Thurrock this week.

Nick is inviting people to walk alongside him for parts of the walk, but the thinking behind the project goes much further than that.

Nick said: “I want people to ‘Walk With Me’ in any way they can and have created all sorts of ways to allow people to follow every step, from social media to regular videos, blogs and podcasts, through which people can be part of the walk and follow the progress and not just of the walk, but also every step involved in the actual writing of a travel book.”

Nick’s first book, published in 2000, followed a trip down the canal system from Skipton to Banbury, and described not only the ups and downs of the voyage, but also took a look at the country on the eve of the millennium.

“A lot’s happened since then, and I wanted to do something similar, but this time by actually walking diagonally passing through the middle of the country, “ Nick explains.
The route follows a line drawn at 45 degrees north-west to southeast, through the dead centre of England, hence ‘Diagonal Walking’.

Nick is about two thirds way through the trek and on this leg is passing through the East of London into Kent and straight through the heart of Thurrock.

The route is about 250 miles long as the crow flies, however Nick estimates he’ll end up walking around double that by the time he’s negotiated natural and man-made obstacles.

The route follows only footpaths, bridleways, towpaths and minor roads wherever possible, staying within three miles either side of the diagonal line. It is also a great time to check on these paths and make sure they are still useable for everyday walkers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

People wanting to walk alongside nick should contact him through the website www.diagonalwalking.co.uk. If you have an interest in walking and or the countryside and routes please contact Nick as he would love to hear from you.

Nick aims to finish the walk late August 2018. He has written over 20 books covering fairgrounds,the canals, a biography of the engineer James Brindley and a number of walking books, as well as fiction. Diagonal Walking can be followed on: www.fb.me/diagonalwalking @diagonalwalking @diagonalwalking


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