Volunteer police officer helps save man’s life

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My other life

One of our Special Constables has been praised for his life-saving actions.

On Tuesday, February 27, SC Mithun Thampi from Basildon Local Policing Team was on duty in Pitsea with a colleague when they were called to reports of a man who had fallen unwell at a sports centre.

The 31-year-old man had been teaching his students when he had an accident and went into cardiac arrest.

Mithun and his colleague arrived at Eversley Leisure Centre at approximately 3pm to find the man collapsed on the floor in cardiac arrest receiving medical attention from the paramedics, having first received help from two members of the public who were at the leisure centre.

In Mithun’s full-time job he is a Charge Nurse in the Accident and Emergency Department at Basildon University Hospital. His training kicked into action and he started performing CPR on the man, as his paramedic colleagues prepared their kit. Mithun resuscitated the man and continued to help the paramedics with preparing the medical equipment.

When the man was stable he was transported to Basildon University Hospital via an air ambulance.

Mithun has since contacted the hospital to check on the man’s health. He is steadily recovering with the help of medical teams and the support of his family.

SC Mithun Thampi from Basildon Local Policing Team said: “It was a scary situation as normally when I perform CPR on someone it is on a table with a room full of equipment, not on a gymnasium floor with only two bags of kit.

“I’m pleased that the man will be able to return to his family after he receives his treatment at hospital.

“As a volunteer police officer, I have the unique opportunity to use my skills from my day job to help people and keep them safe. If there is anyone out there with skills from their career, they can always put them to good use as a Special.”

Mithun has since visited the man and his family. The family were pleased to see him and his mother thanked him for his help. She said: “We’re so grateful for all of the help my son has received. The paramedics, officers, air ambulance and the hospital – we just can’t thank them enough.”

Superintendent Simon Anslow, lead for the Special Constabulary said: “I’d like to first of say, well done to the two members of the public who helped the man before the emergency services teams could arrive.

“Being a Special Constable is a really unique opportunity to help the public and keep them safe.

“I’m very proud of Mithun and his life-savings actions. We have a number of Specials like Mithun who are able to put skills from their full-time careers to good use and in turn truly make a real difference to the force and our communities.”

Mithun is a Special Constable who volunteers his time to help and protect his local community. If you would like to become a Special Constable, apply on our website: www.essex.police.uk/specials


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