Violent crime escalating in our capital


This week a retired Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector has spoken exclusively to the Enquirer about the ongoing violence on the streets of the capital.

Peter Kirkham has spoken out about the ongoing violence that is like a ‘disease’ that is blighting our streets and needs both a long term and immediate cure to stop more people being murdered on the streets of London.

“There are a whole range of factors that need to be addressed here, the Mayor of London isn’t really coordinating things as he should be and the Home Office also aren’t managing things as they should,” he told the Enquirer.


“Somebody needs to get a grip on this wave of violence, the Government need to coordinate things on country wide basis with other agencies, it can’t just be left to local police borough commanders to deal with things”.

Following the murder of five people so far since the weekend, residents across all London boroughs are concerned about this escalating level of violent crime on our streets.

Peter continued: “There are two important factors here that need to be addressed. The first is long term and the second is preventative measures need to be taken. We must work with all multi agencies as there are many reasons why people get involved in violence. It could be school exclusions, drink and drugs, the make and break up of families, poverty. We must look at housing issues and job possibilities for our youngsters.”

“This violence is like a virus, it has many symptoms that we need to treat and by working together with a multi-agency set up we can build a more positive future.”

Officers across the capital have been working long hours to tackle the violence on our street despite ongoing criticism from people who should be helping to support them in this fight against crime.

“The second way to tackle this is by using preventative measures, we need loads more officers on our streets. We need to stop the drug dealing and harass those in that world. Stop and search is essential, we must disrupt and deter these criminals, make their lives difficult for them. Stop and search deters and disrupts those who could be out there to cause violence so it is a vital tool the police have.”

With a range of stabbings and shootings across the capital this weekend, Londoners are growing all too accustomed to this level of violence as it becomes the norm.

“We have to do both long term and preventative measure to combat this violence.

Unfortunately we don’t have the level of officers that we need to combat it, we are in a crisis and we need the Government to fund more officers.

“Police officers are being used all across the capital and officers are burnt out on the crazy, long hours they do. Ordinary shifts can now be twelve hours long. Rest days are being cancelled to use officers to tackle this violence. Officers are suffering stress and the Met is really struggling to take back control of the streets.

“The Government must fund more police.”

A spokesperson for the East Area BOCU told The Enquirer: “Communities have a vital role to play in tackling violent crime and we urge anyone who may have information about crime or those who carry a weapon or, through exploiting people for gain or revenge, put young people’s lives at risk.

“This information could save lives in the future. Community intelligence can be used to great effect to not only detect, but also prevent crime. Please help us to keep London safe. If you aren’t comfortable speaking directly to the police, please contact the independent charity Crimestoppers. They do not ask your name or trace your call.”

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