Unexploded World War II bomb was discovered in Thurrock

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World War II bomb Updates Below

Essex Police were called to a scene at an industrial site in Oliver Close, Grays Essex after an unexploded World War II bomb was discovered.
Essex Police were called at around 8.55am Tuesday 13/02/2018 . The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge was closed for a short time but has now been re-opened. A Ministry of Defence bomb disposal team was on the way and the bridge may be shut again later when they dispose it.
We’ll bring you more updates when we have them.
NB: This is NOT the same unexploded bomb that was found near London City Airport


The MoD bomb disposal team has assessed the unexploded bomb and have confirmed it is an empty shell casing with no explosives inside.

It will now be taken away from the site and there will be no need for any further closures to the QEII Bridge.



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