Urgent fundraising for mum of three


Fundraising is currently critical for Bec, a mother of three, sadly suffering from Brain Cancer.

After a shocking discovery of her Brain Cancer and the devastating change it has had, Bec now has a goal of £100,000 to save her life.

When initially discovering that there was something wrong in summer 2018, Bec from Thurrock became incredibly ill suffering from vomiting, severe headaches and collapsing. These symptoms had been continuing and gradually worsening for around 3 months.


Bec had visited Basildon A&E twice and had been dismissed with a diagnosis of severe migraines. However, an MRI scan six weeks later revealed the cancer to Bec.

“We all knew something was wrong (due to the swelling) but being told that an aggressive form of tumour known as Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) had been found, well, I just couldn’t take-in that kind of news. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all, I was also told that I had to have a potentially life-threatening operation that evening and would be immediately transferred to Queens Hospital (Romford), it had us all stunned!”

Following the operation of the removal of the tumour, Bec made a remarkable recovery.

However, just two weeks later Bec was hit by the news that although the surgery had been successful, her form of cancer was grade 4 and the most aggressive cancer to affect the brain.

Bec was informed that she had just 12 months to live. “There didn’t appear to be any hope for me”, “I do not want to die young!” Bec said.

The reality now for Bec to have any chance of recovery is to find alternative treatments.
A possible option would be immunotherapy treatment which can cost up to £35,000 per session, with Bec needing a minimum of four, which unfortunately the NHS does not offer.

Therefore costs are extremely high and Bec needs to raise all that she can.


“I push myself to do the things I usually do and ensure I am around people that make me happy.” Bec is doing what she can to live life to the fullest and hope for the best in the future. “I want to have so many more memories. Time is of the essence.”

Donations can be made through ‘Becs Family & Friends’ Just Giving page. Any help would be highly appreciated by Bec and her family who are doing all they can to beat the cancer.


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