‘Urgent change needed to limit climate issues’


The recent horrifying report on climate change has once again highlighted the aspect of meat eating.

Many have now called for a ‘massive’ reduction in meat consumption to avoid the huge climate breakdown we are heading towards.

For those that wonder about the link between climate change and the eating of meat, food production is now believed to have been the biggest cause of damage to our planet from greenhouse gasses from livestock, shortage of water from the impacts of farming, and of course deforestation.

With all this to consider, many have now taken the vegan option for the welfare of the planet and for the lives of animals who suffer pain.

In this week’s Enquirer special feature we speak to Connor Anderson who set up the Havering Vegan Action group for all residents in Havering and Essex to come and join regular animal campaigns from anti-fur protests to key education vigils outside popular fast food chains.

“I set up Havering vegan Action over a year and a half ago for all locals interested in veganism and animal campaigning. We do peaceful and I stress the word peaceful outreach displays every week outside MacDonalds in South Street, in Romford.

“We like to have conversations with people passing by, we chat with them about the horrors of the meat industry. We don’t get everyone on board but we do get a positive response. The crowd can be tough at times but it’s definitely worth it,” Connor informs us.

Connor became a vegan three and a half years ago. “I was studying Geography at the local sixth form college, in particular animal agriculture and a friend of mine had gone vegan so we began speaking about the positive health impacts going vegan has had and how animal agriculture is rapidly killing our planet.

“I did my research on it too and looked into the diary industry and its horrors and realised that I couldn’t really call myself an animal lover if I wasn’t vegan and actively do something about it”, he continued.

Demand for meat free food increased by a whopping 987% in 2017 and going vegan was predicted to be the biggest food trend in 2018 acceding to The Vegan Society.

However, being a vegan is not done to be fashionable or trendy but as a way to make a stand against animal cruelty. The vegan trend quadrupled in the five years between 2012 to 2017.


“Animal cruelty is one of the biggest reasons for going vegan. I actively campaign and do visuals outside slaughter houses, it’s awful.”

It is estimated 90,000 male calves are shot each year as they are no use to the dairy industry and on a whole less suitable for beef production.

Many times they are believed to have been brutally taken away from their mother and frequently are shot in the head. The heart-breaking video of a cow running after her calf on a truck going down the road as her calf is being driven away towards its slaughter, has recently left many in tears and turned them off meat.

“Our work is very peaceful, we show pictures and try and educate people to what goes on. Education is the key, many people don’t often know how their meat has arrived on their plate so when we tell them, they are shocked,” added Connor.

Since going vegan Connor has never felt so healthy.

“My skin has cleared up and I feel so much healthier than I ever did. I’m so happy to be a vegan, animals are not ours to use for any purpose being testing, exploiting or eating.” finished Connor.


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