United front


Three councillors across Havering have united, to stand together and fight for their green spaces in Havering this week.

Councillor Graham Williamson, from the South Hornchurch ward, Councillor Gillian Ford from the Upminster and Cranham Ward, and Councillor Jan Sargent who is fighting to save the Gooshays Green in Harold Hill.

Following the Resident Association motion to reverse the Car Parking charges at the last full council meeting the Resident

Association council opposition has submitted a further, but equally important, motion for the next full Council meeting in two weeks time.

Councillor Williamson told the Enquirer: “This Council views with concern, the lack of protection and the rise of planning and development proposals on Havering’s highly valued public open green spaces.

“Currently at risk and under threat are the Upminster Pitch & Putt, Gooshays Green and Dover’s Farm Green.

“Whilst we are under pressure from the Mayor of London and the Government to deliver unsustainable and unrealistic housing targets, our green and open spaces including green belt, must be preserved on health and well being and air quality grounds.

“The focus must turn to the mapping and development of the boroughs Brownfield sites.

The three councillors have all been fighting
their individual battles to save their greens from being built upon.

Councillor Williamson added: “The Conservative Administration were only able to stay in power at last May’s local elections by running a ‘Keep Havering Special’ campaign.

“I agree with that sentiment but unfortunately the Administration has gone back on that promise by continuing to earmark valuable Green spaces for housing.”

Green spaces

Local activist in South Hornchurch Ross Elliott told the Enquirer:

“The Green Spaces throughout our borough contribute to what makes Havering a special place to live.

“Every time the council recklessly decides to build on a green space, they are taking away a part of that specialness.

“Unfortunately, due to this exact reason, green spaces are disappearing across the borough, so its vital we protect the few we have left before Havering becomes the concert jungle that no one wants.”

Councillor Jan Sargent told the Enquirer: “In a recent meeting, the leader of the Council expressed to me that green open spaces are asset to Havering council.

“Councillor White said there are certain assets of Havering which are priceless, to us the residents of Harold Hill, Gooshays Green is priceless and must be protected. “

In response to these statements, Havering’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White told the Enquirer:

“Unfortunately the Labour Mayor has given us high targets and if we do not develop these brownfield sites then our green belt would be at high risk of being lost.”


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