Top tips on one of beauty’s hottest trends – permanent makeup!


When it comes to your face, do not cut corners and go for the cheapest option on offer, says permanent makeup artist Laura Kay from Laura Kay London
There are many technicians who have inadequate training as well as limited if any
artistic experience and ability. Make up is truly an art, not just a process.

Your goal should be to find a permanent make up artist, not just a technician.

Your results will be only as good as the artist you choose and only as safe
as the technicians training and experience.

You want to find someone who has a good balance with artistic ability as well as
professional hands on experience.

Colour knowledge is one of the most important factors to a quality application of permanent makeup. You want an artist who understands skin tones and colours that will enhance your face and look classic not trendy since it is permanent.

Techniques vary for different results so make sure you ask if the artist is capable of giving you the look you want. The quickest way to qualify a technician or artist is to ask them to draw you a set of brows. If they are not natural hair like strokes that look like what you would see in a drawn portrait or picture, then find someone else who can draw beautiful brows on paper for you. You want an artist who can do corrections, alterations and camouflage. Talent and experience makes all the difference, so look for someone who will give you soft, natural results.

Take time to check out the artist you are contemplating for services. It is well worth the extra time spent to be assured of quality permanent make up that you can enjoy for years to come. You have to feel comfortable with the technician you choose. Good communication between you and the technician is of utmost importance.

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