Thurrock schools show a big differences in progress though there performance levels


IT’S been an improving year for secondary schools across Thurrock as GCSE results were announced last week.

There were smiles all round at Gable Hall School as students streamed in to collect their GCSE certificates.

This year, 73 per cent of students achieved five or more A*-C passes including English and Maths, up from 71 per cent in 2012. 39 per cent achieved the coveted Ebacc measure of six or more GCSE passes which prepares students for University, up from 28 per cent in 2012.
More than one third of this year’s 242 year 11’s have already enrolled in the Stanford and Corringham Sixth Form Centre.

Georgia Flewers, 16, from Laindon Hills was really happy with her grades which included four As in AS Dance, PE, Maths and English.
She has decided to stay on at Stanford and Corringham Sixth Form to study Dance, Maths, English and Psychology. “I was really anxious because you just don’t know what you’re going to get but I’m really happy” explains the student.

Chloe Trigg, 16, from Corringham was really happy to get an A in English; she hopes to get into a grammar school where she wants to study A Level Maths and Chemistry.

Luke Pettican, 16, from Corringham was awarded three A*’s in Business, IT and Chemistry as well as seven A’s and four B’s.

Zoe Pham, 16, said: “I am over the moon with all my results but I am especially pleased with my A in Spanish.

“I did not think I would do so well. I am very grateful to Ms Prior for all her hard work”.

Holly Anderson, 16, said: “I am really pleased and surprised with my results. I did not think I would do so well and I was very nervous about today. I can’t wait to join the Stanford and Corringham Sixth Form now. I am so confident about the future”

Dr Sophina Asong, Headteacher said: “We are very proud of our students’ achievements this summer. We are particularly delighted with the fact that between 80 and 83 per cent of our students leave school with a GCSE pass in English and Maths. This sends the message out that with hard work, committed staff and supportive parents, every child can indeed succeed, as they are entitled to”

The Ockendon Academy was delighted by their GCSE performance.

The overall result for all GCSEs A* to C was 100 per cent, this was the third consecutive year that this result has been accomplished demonstrating why the Academy was ranked by the School Network as being one of the best schools in the country for student progress at GCSE.

The top performing student Taylor Brien achieved five A*s, three As and three Bs, he also achieved an A grade in Additional Mathematics, an equivalent AS equivalent qualification. The 16-year-old from Grays said: “I’m very shocked, but really happy; my parents were almost in tears!

“I’m going to Palmer’s in September to study Maths, Accountancy, Economics and French; I want to become a business accountant in the future.”

Frances Onyinah achieved an A* in RS and four As in History, English Language, English Literature and ITC. She told the Enquirer: “I’m so so relieved, I had such a stomach ache because I was so nervous, I cried when I got my results! I am going to Havering in September to study English Literature, French, History and Government Politics – I want to go into Law when I’m older.”

Alisa Jusic was also emotional when she received her results and started crying – she got five As and four Bs and is off to Palmers in September to study Biology, Maths, Chemistry and Psychology.

Students at Grays Convent High School celebrated success in science and technologies. For the first time students sat three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics with over 90 per cent achieving A*-C in each subject and over a third of entries getting A or A*.

There were also top results for ICT, and 80 pupils (95 per cent of entries) gained A*-C with 43 per cent achieving top grades. Other technologies did very well with 88 per cent of pupils entered for textiles gaining A*-C and 100 per cent in Graphic Products and Food Technology.

Languages have continued to thrive across all abilities with over half the pupils in Year 11 achieving A*-C in a language; with over a quarter of entries in French at A & A*.

56 per cent of pupils achieved five A*-C GCSEs including English and Maths.

Miss Ann-Marie Brister, Headteacher, said: “We are delighted to see the continuing development of sciences and technologies. GCSEs are in a state of flux nationally and these pupils are to be congratulated on their hard work and determination against such a changing backdrop.

“I would also like to congratulate their teachers on the support given to individuals and thank parents who have supported their pupils throughout the stress of exams.

“These pupils have made very good use of their time at The Convent; they have set up a STEM club, a large number have achieved Bronze Award in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and some are completing their Silver Award next month. As a year group they have looked for ways to help people in need and raised £10,000 for charity during their five years in the school.”

Seven students achieved ten or more GCSEs at grades A/A* including Grace Barlow, Ciara Bland, Yeni Ope-Ewe, Megan Pledger, Abigail Smith & Nicole Young.

The Gateway Academy is also celebrating another year of very successful GCSE results. Many students opened their results envelope to find they had achieved the key Government standard of a minimum of five A*-C passes including English and Maths. 92 per cent of Year 11 students achieved five or more GCSE passes.

Debbie Bull, Principal, said: “The progress we make with our students whilst at the Academy is excellent; I am so proud of what we have achieved at The Gateway Academy.

“We have seen significant improvements in the key GCSE measures since the inception of the Academy.

“These results will provide more students with the opportunity to undertake further study at the Academy’s Sixth Form and eventually to go to University. We are delighted that so many of our students have done so very well.”

The Academy, which opened Thurrock’s first Free School for primary aged pupils last September, has made dramatic progress since it moved to its new site five years ago and has been recognised by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as one of the UK’s most improved schools.

At Hathaway Academy, the former Grays School and Media College which switches to Academy status from the new term starting next week, pass rates included 39 per cent with five A*-C including English and Maths, 71 per cent with A*-C and 97 per cent with A*-G.

Hassenbrook Academy celebrated another good set of GCSE results, with 62 per cent of pupils achieving five or more A* to C grades including English and Maths. Notable successes were results in Maths and Science, where 79 per cent and 84 per cent of pupils achieved a grade C or above respectively.

Headteacher Designate, Mrs Michelle Bamber, said: “We have achieved immeasurable successes with our best ever points scores and the significant improvements in departmental grade percentages across the board. We intend to build on this foundation and keep on with our mission to achieve a position in the top three in the Borough.”

Megan Graham achieved a crop of 12 GCSE’s including an outstanding six A*’s.

Harris Academy produced a their best set yet of examination results for the GCSE as 93 per cent of students achieved five A* including English and Maths.

Headteacher, Nicola Graham said: “I am delighted to announce that we have achieved our best results to date this year.

“The individual successes in Maths and English are truly outstanding, with the vast majority of students making, and many exceeding, expected progress.

“Many other subjects have also achieved excellent results.

“It has been such a pleasure to work with the students of this year group. They approached the examinations with great maturity and have been a superb example to students in lower years.

“However,this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the staff here at HACH, who go above and beyond to assist students.”

Ormiston Park Academy were also “delighted” as they had 40 per cent of students gaining at least five GCSE’s including English and Maths. This mark may go up to 42 per cent after moderation.


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