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Kim WymerDIVORCED in her late 30s with a career going nowhere and a developing alcohol problem, Kim Wymer felt that she had hit rock bottom…hard.

But thanks to a self help book and some positive thinking, the 47-year-old from Gidea Park has turned her life around and is hoping she can help others do the same.

“I was the shyest most unconfident person in the universe and now I help others by giving informative talks on positive thinking and one to one coaching,” explains Kim. “If I can do this, then anyone can do anything they put their mind to.”

The founder of Positive Thinking Feeling Good, Kim is now a qualified Positive Empowerment Coach and runs Positive Thinking Informative Talks in Romford and surrounding areas. But it hasn’t been an easy journey for Kim.

Bullied at school, Kim has suffered with confidence issues her whole life and admits that she was ‘lazy minded’ as a teenager.

“I never liked to make decisions,” she says. “I would just follow what other people said and did. I never took any opportunities that came to me; I feared the worst in everything.”

Meeting her first husband when she was just 16, Kim was married at 20 and by the time she was in her late 20s she had two young children.

But working part time in a supermarket as well as being a full time mum and house wife wasn’t enough for Kim.

“I was feeling very brain dead,” she explains. “I felt that I needed to do something with myself, because my life was whizzing by. I needed to break out and do something that I was interested in.”

After helping her neighbour paint her kitchen doors, Kim discovered her love for art and decided to put herself on a specialist paint effects course – and with her new passion, Kim’s confidence began to grow.

“I was enjoying myself,” she says. “And I was learning what made me feel good, which was even better.”

But as Kim’s attitude changed, so did her husband’s and their relationship soon started to fall apart.

When Kim reached her late 30s, she filed for divorce, taking over the home and the mortgage as her ex-husband bought a house a mere 12 doors away.

However, Kim was to receive another blow as just months later her sister immigrated to Australia and her parents retired to Spain leaving Kim painfully alone.

“I was low and very upset,” she admits. “It was a terrible time and I did have a drinking problem, which I was hiding and denying. I was not eating right and I put on about two stone.”

Having bought a couple of positive thinking books in the past, Kim found one her sister had bought her called Love Life Live Life by Sue Stone and decided that this time she wanted to study it.

“The reason I chose it was because Sue Stone resembled my mum and my sister and I was amazed at how easy it was to read and understand,” she says. “It was fantastic. I went on her website and joined her newsletter.

“I loved her way of thinking and she looked so happy,” she adds. “I wanted to be happy; it’s all I ever wanted.”

So impressed with Sue’s way of thinking, Kim decided to enrol in Sue’s Positive Empowerment Coach Training and became fully qualified in January 2012.

Quitting her supermarket job, Kim focussed on the paint work she enjoyed and started running talks and sessions in Romford to help empower others.

“I learned how to stop doubting myself, how to overcome fears and realise all the negative stuff that was holding me back in life, and practice all the tools and techniques that have helped so many people to become happier, less stressed and positive,” she says. “When you’re a positive thinker, your sheer determination, open mind, understanding and open loving heart will help you immensely.

“We really have to work on ourselves,” she adds. “I know friends and family doubted me when I was saying I’d be a furniture painter full time and then a full time coach one day. This is because it’s our negative mind set.

“We give ourselves limiting beliefs. We don’t realise we’re doing it because it’s programmed in our minds.

“The tools I learnt have changed and saved my life,” she adds. “I am still working on building a better future and am so excited to be helping others on the way.”

Kim’s Positive Living Group attracts people from all over Essex and Kim spends a lot of time finding speakers, including Feng Shui experts, wellness coaches, reiki healers, experts with a holistic view for health and wellbeing for the mind body and soul.

For more information about Kim Wymer and Positive Thinking Feeling Good, visit positivethinkingfeeling


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