The taste of success


Following on from last year’s successful debut at The Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford, The Mercury’s Free From, Vegan & Allergy Show returned to celebrate this ever growing food & lifestyle sector.

Free From and plant- based diets have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people choosing to enjoy this lifestyle for the health benefits rather than medical requirements.

Customers at The Mercury were treated to an array of foods including Nairns, The Hemp Pantry, bb’s, Palmer’s Skincare, White Rabbit Pizza, Freaks Of Nature, Sheese Cheese, Rude Health Milk, Freaks Of Nature, Mc Donald’s, Koko Dairy Free, Hippeas, Genius, Asda, Everyone’s Bakery, What a Cheek Vegan Face Painting, Tegan The Vegan, Eden Living, Vool Vegan pop up shop, Caffe Della Terra and Joe’s Place.

Gemma Brooks Marketing & Tenant Liaison at The Mercury says:

“The show was a great way to raise awareness of this growing area and to highlight that these food or products are easily accessible and affordable to all whether available from The Mercury retailers directly or through online retailers or local food stalls.”


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