The Sycamore Trust are visited by The Secretary of State for Health

The Sycamore Trust's CEO Chris Gilbanks seated with The Secretary of State for Health Mr Hancock MP

The Secretary of State for Health visited the autism charity The Sycamore Trust on National Autism Awareness Week.

Mr Hancock MP spoke with autistic people and parents of autistic children today in Dagenham to learn more about the challenges autistic people face on daily basis.

The Secretary of State took part in activities that demonstrated what it is like to suffer with autism in today’s society. He embarked on role plays and block building exercises all with the aim to show what autistic people go through on a daily basis.

He sat with mother’s and built toy blocks following instructions after a presentation by the trust. He heard first hand from sufferers and parents how hard it can be to get diagnosed with autism and the struggles faced by parents.

He took part in a role play where he was surrounded by people all talking about what they had done the day before, all at once. He then had to recall who had said what and inform them what they had done. With aim to show what autism sufferers face on a daily basis.

Mr Hancock said his experience had been very motivating and that he would certainly remember it.


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