The secrets behind cutting the cake…


Cutting CakeYOU’VE got your dress, booked your venue and have sent out the invitations, but there’s something missing – your wedding cake!

Although wedding cakes can take a slice out of your budget, finding the perfect design can be a piece of cake.

“The main expense of a wedding cake is the timely decorations,” says Fiona Byrne from Fifi’s Cakery in Chelmsford. “I suggest my brides have an elegantly sized cake, two or three tiers, fully decorated that all the guests will see, but then to be able to feed hundreds of people have a plain iced cutting cake in the kitchen. This is the same recipe as the wedding cake but without the detailed decorations and so just as delicious and vastly cheaper than its ornate counterpart.

“The guests all receive small slices of cake and are none the wiser that their portion may not have come from the main wedding cake,” adds Fiona. “The bride and groom save hundreds of pounds and yet have catered for all their guests having some scrumptious wedding cake!”

Top Cake Trends for 2016

Painted Cakes: Get the drama of a full cascade of sugar roses but at a fraction of the cost. Painted flowers are the fresh way of adding impact but without the price tag of labour intensive sugar flowers.

Rose Gold: Edible gold leaf teamed with a soft pink hue will add elegant accents to classic wedding cakes.

Dessert Tables: A full table of sweet treats to complement the main wedding cake provides a stunning display.

Pale Blue: This is the colour of the year and will be a subtle but elegant tone to winter wedding cakes.

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