The second Pride March well supported by locals


Romford saw its second Pride march on Saturday the 27th of July. The event was attended by thousands who came out to celebrate the LGBTQ community across the borough and join in the festivities.

On Friday Havering Council raised the LGBTQ flag to support the LGBTQ community across the borough.

Havering’s Leader of the Council told the Enquirer “Its wonderful to raise the LGBT banner here today outside the town hall in preparation of Romford’s Pride. It is the second year Pride is being held in the borough and its a great community event which we are supporting to bring all sections of our community together and promote diversity and inclusivity and most of all a love of our town.”

The rain held off and thousands came together to proudly march across Romford with rainbow coloured shirts supporting the LGBTQ community.

Jenny Tilley chairperson of Havering’s LGBTQ Forum told the Enquirer “I feel very overwhelmed today and happy to be living in Havering and experiencing the community coming together. It is totally overwhelming, we are getting there as a borough, there is still a little bit of homophobia but we haven’t experienced any today.

“Within our community everyone has been supportive, from local business to the council, the libraries and local venues such as the Moon and Stars, they’ve all been

really supportive not just for today but throughout the year.”
The local Labour Party group ran a stall all day, supporting the LGBTQ community, Nicholas West Chair person of Young Labour told the Enquirer “It was a fantastic day, even the weather supported the LGBTQ community as it stopped raining in time for everyone to march.


“I felt very proud to be involved and to see so many people joining in the march. Romford was at its best supporting the diverse community in our borough and the second Pride march was a another huge success. “

Despite the damp conditions, a party atmosphere was felt right across Romford, with music and dancing in our streets and everyone enjoying themselves.

Mr West continued “We have written an open to letter to the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell as his track record on LGBTQ rights is really shocking and we want him to know that his views do not represent most of Romford.”

The thousands that came out to support the LGBTQ community clearly showed that Romford and Havering is a diverse borough for all.


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