The rise of the DIY wedding


DIY Wedding HRWith the cost of weddings creeping up every year, it’s no wonder that brides are now getting crafty and trying out a bit of DIY for the big day.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average cost is expected to drop by 7.3% to £17,853, suggesting that more couples are abandoning the big-budget blow-out in favour of a less costly option.

And with brides wanting handy tips and tricks to make their wedding more special, author Laura Strutt has created the DIY Wedding Manual, a book filled with great ideas for you to do yourself, from simple invite designs to the more tricky makes like vintage teacup candles – which I’m definitely going attempt for my vintage themed wedding.

The DIY Wedding Manual is packed with suggestions to get those creative juices flowing, as well as money saving tips and inspirational ideas.

“It’s easy to get carried away trying to create the perfect day, and with the rising cost of venues, dresses and stationery, it’s not hard to see why,” says author Laura Strutt. “Whilst bespoke weddings are still top of the agenda for some couples, they can come in at an eye watering amount. Even if hand-made bunting isn’t for you, becoming savvy at each stage of the process will help budgets stretch further.

Bride writing“For some though, the prospect of ditching the wedding planner entirely can be daunting so I hope to allay people’s fears and guide them through each stage of the planning process using Haynes’ failsafe step-by-step approach, handy for even the most novice DIY-ers!”

Making things for your upcoming nuptials is also a great idea to bring friends and family together. If you are making your own invitations, why not get your bridal party round for the evening to give you a hand – plus it will make all those hours of cutting and sticking go a little bit faster!

Having a DIY wedding is all about your attitude, instead of saying “I can just buy that somewhere” why not think “would it be cheaper if I made it myself?” You’ll be surprised how much money you can save.
The Haynes Diy Wedding Manual is £18.99 and available to buy online from


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