The Mercury’s Breakfast Club knits hats


Staff at the shopping centre hand delivered knitted hats and baby booties to the labour ward at Queen’s hospital. The hats were knitted by the Breakfast Club which is run by the helpdesk team at The Mercury, Romford, and were taken to the hospital by helpdesk ambassador Carol Fletcher and Breakfast Club knitter Linda Allen.

The delivery was made to the Labour Ward where parents are given a hat just before delivery and also in a post labour pack containing a knitted hat, baby booties and blanket.

Carol said: “The Breakfast Club enjoys making these knitted pieces for Queen’s hospital and who doesn’t love to knit for babies! Last year we knitted teddies for the Snowdrop Room and Twiddle Muffs for people living with Dementia, we can’t wait to knit some more!”.

The majority of the wool was kindly gifted from Wilko Romford in beautiful pastel colours.
The Breakfast Club meet every Monday at The Mercury for further information visit


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