‘The mayor cannot get a grip on crime’

Conservative Member Keith Prince
Conservative Member Keith Prince

IN this week’s East London Enquirer GLA Conservative Member Keith Prince writes about crime.

“Violent crime is becoming all too common in our city these days, with Londoners regularly turning on their TV or radio and being told about yet another tragic stabbing.


With London’s crime epidemic raging, we need to hold those who run London to account. Frankly, I am growing increasingly frustrated by our Mayor’s complete failure to get a grip of this problem.

Whenever Sadiq Khan is questioned about the city’s surging crime rates, his predictable response is always the same.

He will say that these rises are nothing to do with him; he’s doing everything he possibly can. He will point the finger at the Conservative ministers and claim that they are really to blame. But this exercise in shirking responsibility is nothing more than misleading spin. Far from doing all he can, Khan has been shockingly complacent when it comes to bringing crime levels down.

Politics is about choices and Sadiq Khan has chosen to spend millions more on spin, City Hall bureaucrats and the transport unions instead of keeping people safe.

The figures are frankly eye-watering. Since Khan’s election in 2016, the number of staff at City Hall has rocketed by over 50 percent, the PR budget is up by £3 million and the amount spent on letting TfL employees work for their unions during work time has doubled to a whopping £10.8 million.

Spending taxpayers’ money in this profligate way would be questionable at the best of times. However, when crime is going through the roof and Londoners are crying out for more cops on the streets, this sort of reckless spending is kick in the teeth. Does this out-of-touch Mayor really think that spending millions on press officers instead of police officers is the priority for Londoners feeling increasingly unsafe in their own city?

The Conservative group at City Hall has put forward a fully-costed and comprehensive plan for how the Mayor could cut the waste, bureaucracy and spin and use the savings to put nearly 1400 new cops on our city’s streets.

Shockingly, the Mayor rejected this plan entirely. This illustrates just how serious he is about cracking down on violent crime.”


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