The Essex Police C Shift win award


IT’S official – Essex Police has the best response team in the country.

Chelmsford Local Policing Team’s C Shift has won the award at the National Police Chief Council’s Local Policing Awards which took place on Tuesday, March 5.

The team won this national accolade following their work on a number of high profile, serious, and emotionally challenging incidents, as well as targeting and tackling gang activity.

C Shift were the first officers on scene following the murder of John Pordage in August 2017 while two members of the team were injured by a woman with a knife found to be in mental health crisis in December of the same year.

Hard Work

One member of the team was so badly injured they took nine months of recovery before they could return to work.

Despite the emotional and psychological impact of seeing a colleague seriously injured in front of them, C Shift proactively targeted and tackled organised crime groups and gang activity across the district setting the standard for other response teams.

Their work has led to drugs destined for distribution seized and weapons which, could have been used to threaten and injure, taken off our streets.

Chief Inspector Gerry Parker, District Commander for Chelmsford and Maldon, said: “C Shift are an invaluable asset protecting and serving the communities of Chelmsford and are a credit to the entire force. I want to thank them, and all of my LPT shifts for their work.

“The team were deeply affected by the incident in December 2017 and it would have been understandable if they were less confident or more reluctant to confront other people or situations where their safety was threatened.

“But that’s not how C Shift work. Through excellent leadership and comradeship they’ve built a resilience and determination to continue protecting and serving the public.

“Their work tackling organised crime groups and gangs has set the standard for all other teams across the district, and the county, and they remain our ‘go to’ shift.

“I’m delighted they have been recognised in this way.

“C Shift have won this award but I want to recognise all my LPT shifts for their excellent work. I am truly proud of their attitude and their dedication.”

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Prophet said: “Our Local Policing Teams run towards danger, putting themselves in harm’s way to ensure the public are safe.

“I’m so proud of Chelmsford’s C Shift and they thoroughly deserve this award. They embody the true spirit of policing.”


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