The Enquirer backing new police campaign


This week the Enquirer is backing a new campaign started by a group of Havering residents calling for people to show their respect to the police.

The team of residents who run the ‘Havering Safer Streets’ facebook page group have come together to call on the public to start showing their respects to officers out there who put their life on the line on a daily basis.

Linda Outridge, who is one of the residents behind this new campaign told The Enquirer: “This campaign began after my outing with the police. I had organised the Jodie Chesney march, calling on our streets to be safer and was invited into the police station by Inspector Rob McKelroy who spoke to myself and others about the issues they have at the moment.

“They told us how really busy they were, how much ongoing paperwork they have to deal with on a daily basis and how social services have been cut to the bone, that then has knock on consequences to the police who are having to do their jobs as well as their own work.”

Linda was then invited out with the local police to witness for herself first-hand the issues the police have to deal with everyday.

“I was utterly appalled by what I saw,” said Linda, “My experience has really left a mark on me and this is why we have started this campaign asking the public to start showing some respect to the police.

“I was truly shocked with what the police have to deal with. The domestic violence issues took officers away from our streets for up to three to four hours.

“These poor officers have to deal with the brunt of everyone’s emotional problems. it’s shocking and after dealing with situations like this the officers then have to go back and write up all the paper work, meaning even further time away from our streets.”

Linda is calling on members of the public to go up to police officers on our streets and thank them and show them some kindness and respect for putting their lives on the line for us.

“The incidents of abuse that are happening everyday are bad. This campaign has been launched so we can take the time to thank the police and the amazing work they do all the time that always seems to go unnoticed.

“If you see a police officer out on our streets, go up to them and thank them, it doesn’t take five minutes but it shows them that they are appreciated and that the community thanks them for keeping us safe.”


Linda is angered at the increase in crime and the cuts to the police service and horrified with the way our youth are committing more and more crime.

“I saw a post the other day on the facebook page that said 13-14 year olds were out spitting at a homeless man, or even worse carrying a knife.

“We are also fed up of outsiders coming into our borough to rob us as they think we are a rich borough and an easy target.”

The Enquirer is backing this campaign and hopes that today, if you see a police officer on our street, go up to them and say ‘thank you’.

“I hope this campaign will help boost police morale, I know it is low at the moment so we are doing all we can to help get this back and give them the pat on the back they really do deserve.”




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