LAST weekend, the Enquirer was invited to London for the press screening and conference of Steven Spielberg’s much anticipated new film – The BFG. bfg 2

The film, starring Mark Rylance, Dame Penelope Wilton, Rebecca Hall and newcomer Ruby Burnhill is a beautiful tale adapted from the Roald Dahl book of the same name.

Mark Rylance’s BFG is stunning; he encapsulates the character so much it’s hard to remember that there’s an actor underneath all that CGI and special effects. He is utterly believable and endearing as our Big Friendly Giant.

Ruby Barnhill who plays young Sophie is equally as good, she looks exactly like that of the books. Her raw talent shines through in the film and both her and Mark have a great chemistry which helps tremendously in the film.

One of the many highlights though is the special effects – it is perhaps one of the most visually stunning and realistic films I’ve ever seen. The extreme close ups of BFG and the other giants in Giant Country are spectacular. Sitting in the cinema in all its HD glory – it’s really a sight to behold – all the wrinkles and freckles on BFG are so perfect; they have done an incredible job.

Overall the film is a very heart-warming story; it’s silly but charming – complete with real laughs and a couple of surprisingly emotional moments, too.

We were lucky enough to attend the conference afterwards where Mark, Steven, Ruby, Rebecca and Penelope came.

A variety of questions got put to the stars, including whether or not the cast would choose to be a giant or tiny forever. Naturally, Mark chose to be tall, but Steven firmly decided to be small so he could ‘fit through keyholes and go unseen’.

The panel lasted approximately 25 minutes. It was a short but sweet insight into BFG world, and an even briefer insight into one of the world’s most famous and recognisable directors – who, by the way, is really nice.
The BFG is out nationwide Friday 22 July.


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