Taste of Germany


Visitors joined Brentwood Town Twinning Association supporters to enjoy a little taste of German Oktoberfest recently at the Brentwood Brewery.

The event was held to celebrate the town’s links with Landkreis Roth in Germany.

Among the guests was Alex Burghart MP for Brentwood and Ongar who said: “We built up some really close friendships with our sister town in Germany over the years and this is a wonderful way of celebrating that relationship and everyone having the chance for a beer and a sausage.”

The event also welcomed the Mayor of Brentwood Cllr Sheila Murphy. Talking about the benefits to Brentwood of town twinning, she said: “It’s something traditionally we’ve always done well and as people get older we need to bring the younger people in to join us and continue it.

“It’s still important regardless of where we are in Europe as we are still European, we need keep these ties up and running. They’re valuable and shouldn’t be lost.”

There were five different bottled beers on the bar from the Pyraser Landbrauerei in Thalmässing, Bavaria which is in the Landkreis Roth area.

The Mayor of Brentwood who is hoping for future friendships, said: “The Deputy District Commissioner for Brentwood Scouts is planning a trip to Landkreis Roth in Summer 2021, hoping to take 50 to 100 young people. I think the Scout’s involvement would be a good way to introduce young people to Town Twinning via the Scouts.”


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