Taking the stress out of the Mother of the Bride dress


Jacqueline StantonAS Mother of the Bride, I knew my mum wanted to make sure she looked immaculate for my wedding day.

The only problem is that my lovely mum has admittedly lost her way when it comes to fashion and has grown self conscious over the years.

As her only daughter, we often go shopping, but every time I try to get her out of the plain black top and jeans combo, she always steers towards her failsafe choice, with the occasional floral blouse during the summer months.

So when it was time for her to go Mother of the Bride shopping, I knew it wasn’t going to be a straight forward experience!

Luckily intu Lakeside offer a fabulous styling service which we decided to give a try, and best of all, it’s free!

Carlene NoelCarlene Noel, personal stylist at intu Lakeside (pictured right) took us in to her new office in the Customer Lounge by the central atrium. After sitting down with a glass of bubbles, I sat and listened to mum and Carlene go over styles that mum likes and things that she wouldn’t even consider (a maxi-style dress being at the top of her hate list).

“It’s important for mum’s outfit to compliment the wedding party and not be in a colour that stands out for the wrong reasons,” explained Carlene. “As Mother of the Bride it’s important to look different to other guests, get an outfit that’s that little more special, it’s a big responsibility!”

Mum filled out a list of all her clothes sizes then it was time to hit the shops.

“We’ll go straight to Debenhams and I’m sure we will find something in their Jacques Vert concession,” Carlene confidently offered as we strolled to the department store.

Watching Carlene work her magic and pick up a variety of different dresses, mum and I searched through the rails too, picking up bits we thought could work as we went along.

As we tried on different options I could see mum’s confidence growing, which made such a lovely change as the changing room with mum can sometimes be a bit of a minefield.

Some dresses were ruled out straight away for various reasons such as the colour was too harsh or the shape wasn’t flattering. But then we found the winner. A pastel blue, capped sleeved lace dress with scalloped detail from Jacque Vert – she looked lovely and was grinning as soon as she came out of the changing room.

IMG_4691As Carlene went to look for shoes and accessories to match, mum stood proud in the changing room and even got comments from a few other women as they walked past!

Carlene then popped back with the matching jacket, fascinator and shoes.

The jacket and fascinator worked perfectly and complimented the details in the dress, but the shoes were no good, mum is used to a higher heel and the ones that were sold to match the outfit were too old fashioned for mums liking.

Once the outfit was complete mum looked beautiful, and after a few ‘are you sure I don’t look frumpy’ moments, her confidence was well and truly back.

So, to all the mums struggling to find an outfit for your daughters big day, get in touch with Carlene Noel on [email protected], she’s sure to find you that special outfit.


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