Southend pupil’s human rights prize


A group of youngsters from a Southend academy school have won the first ever Human Rights Prize award from Essex University.

The team, consisting of Year 7 students Jasmine Axcell, Izzy Clark-Gates, Gracie Cole, Chloe Dennis, Lily-Sue Franklin, Leyla Hossein, Faiza Miah, Eliza Newton, Lily-Jo Nightingale-Swain, Molly Thomson and Dominic White joined teenagers from three other schools at Essex University’s Colchester campus as a follow-up to an event held in December 2017, which looked at different aspects of human rights, through a variety of workshop sessions.

The eleven students from Cecil Jones were the youngest attending the Induction Day event, during which they explored Human Rights issues, such as food, housing, which religion or government they want to support, freedom from torture or cruel and degrading behaviour – via a series of hands-on arts activities designed to help inspire creative responses.

They were then invited back to Colchester on April 18 to present their responses to what they’d learned.

Having impressed the judging panel the Cecil Jones team won £100 in vouchers to spend on books on human rights and a special winner’s plaque for the Academy.

Team member Lily-Sue Franklin agrees: “During the university trip I learnt how important Human Rights are, what they mean to me and other people.

“I had a great time at the University and hope to go again one day.

“This event has inspired me to learn more about the subject and its something I want to possibly take further as a career.”


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