Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Towngate Theatre


LAST week I took my son to the Towngate Theatre to watch Snow White.
On arrival the hospitality was very welcoming and the atmosphere was buzzing.
Once again this year’s panto was lead by Simon Fielding and as usual never fails to disappoint.

The story is adapted to take place in the land Basildonia with muggle Simon Feilding being in Love with Snow White yet Snow White is in love with Prince Yanny of Billericay!
Yet the evil step mother has other ideas and wants the Prince for herself so hatches a plan to get rid of Snow White.

Sophie Ladds, who plays the evil step mother, is as usual her brilliant self. She draws the crowd in without being too scary for the little ones.

To get rid of Snow White, the evil step mother Brunhilda Sauerkraut orders her right hand man Hertz Van Rental and Dame Nurse Betty to help her by taking Snow White deep into the forest.

Dame Betty is the best part of the Panto for me. So jolly and witty and my son couldn’t stop laughing every time she walked on stage. Her costume changes were superb.

A search is started to find Snow White which leads to probably the most iconic scene of the Panto. Muggles and Dame Nurse Betty pretending to be plumbers in evil Brunhilda’s castle.

It goes without saying they are not very good plumbers and water goes every where. All the audience was laughing at the actors getting covered in water.

The seven dwarfs were a big hit, along with the magic mirror who was played by Rylan Clark-Neal.

Rylan being an Essex boy himself made it the perfect part for him with witty jokes and one liners.
This is a great panto to get you into Christmas festivities. High energy, great jokes and I would highly recommend.


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