Skin Doctors Younger Hands

Produce Review Skin Doctor Younger Hands by Photographer Shiralee Swan
Skin Doctor Younger Hands

With the winter months fast approaching its time to start thinking about my skin care for the winter months which is slightly different from the summer months.

Over the past couple of week I have been using Skin Doctors ‘Younger Hands’ which I have found to be ideal for my older hands.

Lightly applying Skin Doctors ‘Younger Hands’ to the backs of my hands twice a day. My hands look and feel much nicer.

Unlike normal hand creams, designed primarily to moisturise, Younger Hands contains 4 clinically proven actives for dramatic, anti-ageing results. It has been specifically developed to treat the back of the hands where damage and ageing are most noticeable.

Skin Doctors Younger Hands can help take 10 years off your hands in just 6 weeks.

by Shiralee Swan


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