Singer Liam loves playing in Essex


Singer and songwriter Liam Grundy will be performing at Queens Theatre, Hornchurch 15 July.

The evening will feature a mixture of country, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Americana music. Growing up with the influence of the Beatles and Bob Dylan, Grundy became inspired to produce a style of music which suited him.

“I grew up listening to country without realising and just absorbed it – now this style of music is what really drives me”.

Having a career of touring, song writing and producing two albums, Grundy explained, “I couldn’t pick a favourite, they all come as one”.

Working in Memphis, Nashville, all over the UK and Europe Grundy has had many performance opportunities and been able to work with many of the original Elvis musicians.

Some of Grundy’s career highlights include recording at the famous, Abbey Road Studios and performing a concert with Elvis’ original guitarist, Scotty Moore, in Nashville. “Steve Cropper also came on stage with us to sing, we thought it would be fair as he did write the song!”

In 2019 Grundy joined the Shakin’ Stevens 2019 European tour on Keyboards performing across Europe and produced a new single, ‘No Girl In Tennessee’.

Touring has been a big part of Grundy’s career; he has visited and performed in Essex many times.

“It’s great to perform in Essex; it has always been somewhere I look forward to, especially with Southend having been home to such a big music movement”

Having performed at Queens Theatre before, Grundy explained, “There’s always a great crowd there”.

There will be a mix of original songs and ones Grundy enjoys to play.

“I love when people ask for me to perform an original song, it touches me that people appreciate and remember my music”.

In October, Grundy is looking to release his new album and will also be performing a one man show of country music at the Edinburgh Music Festival.

He is also looking forward to recording again in Memphis and continuing to work with the band, My Darling Clementine.

To purchase tickets for Gundy’s upcoming concert on 15 July at Queens Theatre, visit


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