Sienna wins prize


Fifteen-year-old Sienna Daniel, was crowned Havering public speaker of the year after tackling the exclusive club of acceptable beauty and is now in the running to take Champion title.

The Redden Court School pupil in her prize-winning talk said: “Who decides what beauty is?

“It was the beginning of my downfall, the beginning of what felt like endless therapy sessions, the beginning of the voices going round in my mind.”
She delivered her speech in front of more than 1000 London Mayors, MPs, press, VIPs, family, friends and supporters.

When asked why do you think it’s important for young people to share their stories, the young potato lover, chips being her favourite, replied; “By sharing our stories, we get the chance to take a stance against things we feel are unjustified.

We also help to educate younger people and perhaps prevent them having a negative experience.”

Sienna charmed her audience with a relaxed yet informative style throughout her anecdotal original speech. When she commented on a quote from former supermodel Kate Moss “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, Moss allegedly said, Sienna debunked this with, “fancy that! I have no idea where she has been eating,” rousing chuckles from the listening crowd.

But she concluded her speech with an empowering take-away, saying “I may not look like anything to you” as she gestures with her hand, “but I could be anything to you” she continues, pointing the other way. Sienna implores us to make our own decisions about beauty rather than all conform to one model,”you are the beauty standard” she adds before leaving us with the compliment, “you are beautiful.”


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