Shocking attack on dog (Photos in this story could be upsetting)


A suspected planned dog fight left a family shaken and a dog badly biten in Hutton near Shenfield recently.

On Thursday November 1st a man from Hutton was walking Ferdy his Jack Russell when they were set upon by 6 men between 7.30pm and 8pm.

Paulina Asmus who is the daughter of Mr Asmus who got attacked said: “The men snatched the lead away from my dad when he was walking on the path to the car park at the Hutton Recreational ground off Woodland Avenue and pushed my dad down the slope.

“One of the men who was of mixed race, then kicked him a couple of times to keep him down there and forced my dad to watch.The other men, who were all white, then forced their dog, which my dad believes was a Pit Bull or similar, to fight Ferdy.

“The dog was growling and then fought ferdy to the ground and had hold of his neck while one of the men filmed the fight.”

The pitball let go and the men stood there to see if Ferdy was alive on the floor but they thought he was dead as he had lost consciousness by this point and only then did the gang run off in the direction of Woodland Avenue.”

Ferdy was then rushed to the emergency vet and has cost the family so far over £400 in vets bills. Ferdy suffered several punture wounds on his neck and had blood dripping from most of the wounds and he has many areas of pink raw skin over his body.

Paulina continued: “It is horrifying to realise that the dog in question clearly knew what he was doing as he went straight for my dog’s neck.

“The police believe they may be a organised dog fighting gang. ”

“What is even more heartbreaking is the fact that myself and my younger brother were both at university in Leicester at the time of the incident unable to comfort our parents or our dog.”


“My dad attempted to make contact with the police at the time of the incident but unfortunately myself and my brother had to ring a couple more times to get someone to speak to my dad. The matter has been transferred to a crime bureau and at this point we are left unsure as to when our matter will be dealt with.”

“We as a family are now frightened of walking our dog and my mum and dad are still shaken up.

“I would like to warn anyone walking their dog in the Hutton area to be careful and try to avoid walking your dog late at night, which I know is not what we want to hear especially as the nights are starting to pull in.

“We would like to thank the community as we have been inundated with offers of help, money, treats and dog food for Ferdy. I am so thankful to the community for all their support and lovely words.

“If anyone can identify these men please contact the police. We dont want this to happen again.”


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