Shambles at we are FSTVL


A 24 year old disabled woman has spoken of the horrors she faced at the We Are FSTVL in Upminster over the bank holiday as she was caught in the stampede.

Yasmin from East London, who is a blue badge holder, suffers with arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and diabetes and was at the festival on Saturday when all the crowd chaos began.

Yasmin told The Enquirer: “I was in the crowds and it was absolute chaos. I told the steward that I didn’t feel comfortable joining the queue because I could see riots and I showed the steward my blue disabled badge.

“I asked him if there was an alternative entrance for me to use and he answered ‘you aren’t disabled’ and ushered me back into the chaos.”

The 24 year old is angry that a statement issued by the organisers said that they ‘try to make the We Are FSTVL site as accessible as possible’ but Yasmin feels that this was definatly was not the case.

Yasmin was hurt in the crush that occurred on Saturday when event goers rushed forward following a long wait of two hours in hot temperatures and without any water.

“I was hurt in the crowds and had to leave the event, its the most appalling thing I have ever experienced in the 13 years of being disabled. I have put a complaint into the festival organisers now as this is just disgusting.”

Yasmin also witnessed a girl in a wheelchair at the front of the queue waiting to get a wrist band trampled upon as the stampede began.

Another event goer Rebecca told The Enquirer: “We arrived at 2.50 and joined the queue, it was very hot day and there was no shade and no toilets. I saw about eight bottles of water get thrown aimlessly into the crowd of thousands and that was it!

“We were in the VIP queue and had to wait for over two hours. By this time we were nearing the front and thats was when people starting reaching their limits and started pushing.

“It was really scary, you didn’t have any choice but to get shoved forwards and people were screaming to stop but it was too late.

“Gates were getting thrown and pushed over resulting in people getting crushed and falling down. The security were completely useless.

“They were trying to stop people instead of helping those who were injured. I sustained severe bruising to my leg from getting pushed over a fallen barrier.”


Rebecca goes on to describe how she found her friend in the chaos: “I managed to find my friend again after the chaos and she was having a full blown panic attack, she was completely shaking and terrified.

“There were thousands of people who came through those gates with no safety checks and no wristbands.”

Rebecca finished: “The whole event was shambles and not one person who worked there had a clue about what was going on. I am completely appalled by this festival.”

Another festival goer was there with a hen party and witnessed the chaos, the lady who did not wish to be named told The Enquirer: “It was awful, my friend was trampled upon, luckily a guy helped pick her up, people were crying and it was blazing hot and there was no shade. The whole thing is a disgrace and needs to be shut down.”


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