Rotary’s grant for school


Children at a Billericay School are sharing in an exciting new project aimed at providing a quiet comforting background to learning.
On November 23, unique sensory cabins at South Green Infant & Nursery School were unveiled, fostered by an enthusiastic teaching staff and boosted by an £11,000 grant from Billericay Mayflower Rotary who also provided volunteers on site to help construct.
Mayflower Rotarians have been working with South Green’s Headteacher Stephanie Ireland and her team, looking at the sensory needs of young pupils, and what assistance could be provided to help with their education.
Barry Fagg who is a member of Mayflower Rotary said: “Although the School has excellent support from the teaching staff, parent-teacher association, local community and Education authority, there was nothing left in the budget for any projects to help the children this year.
“We helped develop the Sensory Cabin Project, designed to provide a quiet, comforting environment, and to induce feelings of well-being when the child needs it.
“They are well insulated and internally dressed with soft materials and furniture to provide a comforting, convenient, calming area for both the children and their teachers.”
In an era when there is an increasing need for mental health support for pupils and students, the benefits resulting from this project can be studied, and real differences measured, particularly as early intervention might mitigate later needs.
Current President of the Rotary Carl Johnson said: “We are very pleased to be helping the local community in this pioneering work to provide better care for very young children that will support a stronger and healthier educational future.
“What is learnt from this may influence educational provision and environments in the future, so it represents a great investment for South Green School and for Rotary.”


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