Romford proven to be the luckiest town in the UK with National Lottery Prizes


STATISTICALLY proven to be the luckiest town in the UK with its residents most likely to win ‘top-tier’ National Lottery prizes, the people of Romford last week shared the secret to their good fortune with the rest of the country.

Using a special phone box on South Street, Romfordians answered phone calls from across the UK and shared their number predictions for the National Lottery draw with a number of curious callers.

Since the Lottery’s inception in 1994, one in 952 people living at an address with an RM postcode has won £50,000 or more, cementing the town’s reputation as the luckiest in Britain. Residents in the RM postcode have collectively won £165 million in top tier prize money, with 51 people becoming millionaires.

With calls pouring in from across the UK, eager locals sought to spread their town’s good luck and shared their top six numbers for this weekend’s multi-million pound jackpot.

One of the eager Romfordians to get involved was Dean Groves of Romford. He said: “I was walking down South Street to do some shopping when I heard the phone ringing so I answered it. A lovely lady from Newcastle asked me to select her lottery numbers for her so I did! I hope she remembers me if her luck comes in on Saturday!”

The special lucky number phone booth was created in conjunction with Romford town’s recent rebrand, which is designed to highlight the not only as a lucky place to live but one with strength, perseverance and aspirations for the future.

The new identity has been launched with a multi-channel campaign, including outdoor poster sites featuring real passionate and genuine Romfordians.
Jonny Birkett, Romford Growth Manager from Romford Town Management Partnership, said: “We wanted to share a bit of Romford luck with the rest of country by inviting them to call-in for lottery number advice from the people of Romford; many of whom have had their share of good fortune. This is a fun aspect of a wider campaign that has been created to reflect Romford’s values and highlight its strongest point of difference; the unique, passionate and personable people.”

The current population of Romford is 250,500 and over 172,000 shoppers frequent the town each year, spending £548 million.


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