Rockets fired at Hovefields home, Wickford in targeted attack

Broken window
Windows were smashed by marbles shot form catapults

Wickford home victim to vicious attacks

A home in Wickford has been subjected to vicious attacks by vandals  at Hovefields Ave, in Wickford.

Jill Walsh who lives in Hovefields Avenue has been subjected to a vicious onslaught of attacks recently and last week they escalated.

Jill and her family were subjected to nine or ten high powered rockets being aimed deliberately at their home, car and had lit fireworks thrown onto the drive, close to the front door.

The following morning they discovered the garage window had been smashed and a large rocket was laying inside on the floor. On Friday, November 3 they had another window smashed by a marble shot from a catapult. The police were called but found no one when patrolling the area.

Jill said: “My neighbours came down as they had heard all the fireworks and were worried about our safety. Whilst they were at our home, further barrages of stones were catapulted.


“Two of the neighbours rushed out and saw juveniles in hoodies standing behind an adjacent fence firing at us. These youths ran away immediately and disappeared into the darkness.

“Let me just say this is not anti-traveller sentiment being expressed here, it is an anti-unauthorised development issue. When I moved here 17 years ago, there were nine settled gypsy traveller households, community relations were good and there was never any trouble.

“We now have uncontrolled, unauthorised development with well in excess of 100 travellers.

“The council must be held responsible for the current situation. If they had immediately clamped down on the unlawful development and listened to residents we would now not be in this situation.”


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