Review – Dirty Dancing at the Cliffs Theatre


Myself and a friend went to see Dirty Dancing at the Cliffs Theatre on Tuesday.

The musical is based on the classic 1987 film starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey and features hit songs such as “Hungry Eyes”, “Hey! Baby”, “Do You Love Me?” and “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life”.

Over all it was a superb show, it needed a little bit of imagination in some places for as you do when iconic films are turned into musicals.

The crowd added to the effect with whooping and hollering at the key moments, they seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it and the ladies certainly liked Johnny who spent a lot of time topless.

Switching around of the stage was so fast it took your breath away. The set was very impressive and really mirrored the Dirty Dancing set.

On the whole I expected them to make more of the music. Not all of the songs are sung all the way through, ‘She’s like the wind’, which is my favourite song was just the tune with no lyrics. The original ‘Hungry Eyes’ was played through the system but the song ‘Yes’ was sung beautifully by a member of the dance crew.

A very good cast doing American accents who I felt got better as the show went on. Michael O’Reilly, making his professional debut, will stared as Johnny Castle alongside Kira Malou who returns to the role of Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman’ after regularly playing the role during the 2016-17 UK tour.

So long as you do not expect an exact replica of the film you cannot be disappointed. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and would defiantly recommend it to everyone.





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