Review: The Full Monty


The Full Monty arrived for its first stage production at Southend’s Cliff’s Pavillion and is a night you won’t forget!  With nothing to lose apart from their clothes, The Full Monty follows Gaz and his fellow jobless friends in their search for money, after losing their jobs in the demise of the Sheffield steelwork industry in 1980.

The industrial looking set reflects this image brilliantly along with the well-suited music at the beginning of each act, which perfectly sets the tone for each hilarious or slightly more serious scene.

The cast including well known faces such as ‘Eastenders’ Gary Lucy, ‘Brookside’s’ Louis Emerick as well as Andrew Dunn, Kai Owen, Joe Gill and James Redmond who all form the strip group ‘The Bums of Steel’.

The Full Monty

However, most importantly the cast must be highly recognised for not only their talent but also their character’s chemistry, which was especially noticeable during the closing act. Here we saw their true personalities come to light in which their obvious friendship on set was clear through their laughter, excitement and nervouseness for the final exposure!


The constant risqué jokes threw the audience into abundances of laughter and created a fantastic atmosphere throughout. The sometimes-cringe worthy moments are key to the play’s comical humour and makes it a show in which you literally can’t miss a moment!

Overall, it’s a play of real friendship, exploration and self-belonging in times of struggle, presented in a light-hearted and easily enjoyable way. The Full Monty is most definitely one to see!

Review by Cara Houlton


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