Review – The Band a musical


I was expecting The Band a musical to be just another tribute act to Take That but how wrong I was.

It was in fact a heart-warming story of what it was like to be a teenage girl madly in love with a boy band and most importantly first friendships.

It took me back to my teenage years when I idolised first New Kids on the Block then Take That and the Backstreet Boys.

The musical follows sweet Rachel, sassy Heather, sporty Claire, book-smart Zoe, and music obsessed Debbie; five girls banded in a friendship that’s strengthened by their love for ‘The Boys’.

After a concert to see their favourite band, tragedy strikes the group of friends and their lives are never the same again.

Fast forward 20 odd years and Rachel wins tickets to the reunion concert of the band in Prague. So the friends reunite and spend the weekend re living their youth and learning about each others complicated adult lives during one weekend.

The boys who played ‘the band’ were picked by the public from the BBC show ‘Let it Shine.’ They were excellent throughout singing Take That hits from over the years.

The set was very well done; if you have ever been to a Take That concert it was the creative staging that Take That fans have come to love. I don’t think I have ever seen a plane on a stage.

The huge sculpture was also a triumph for the production manager.

It was an emotional performance from the ladies trying to work through the problems in their adult lives. The show very cleverly uses the songs as the soundtrack to the ladies lives and celebrates the fact that music is so important in all our lives.

The show as a whole was very relatable to women today and if you ever loved a boyband you will love this show.


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