Residents upset over plans


Residents and local councillors have objected to a planning application that has been received to build a community centre and mosque at the end of Manser Road, South Hornchurch.

This follows a similar one that was received along the A1306 and was turned down just a year ago.

Independent Resident Group Councillor, Natasha Summers, is concerned that the centre is inappropriate within a residential area and told The Enquirer: “Residents have contacted me with their worries and concerns.


“They do not object to centres/places of worship per sae, but they need to be away from residential properties as there will for example be problems with parking because it as been said, the centre will only have one car space for visitors.

“Residents and locals are also concerned about noise, and unacceptable operating hours again because it has been said that it will be open from 5.30 to 11.15 pm.”

Local resident Ross Elliot, is also unhappy with this planning application, alongside other locals and told The Enquirer: “While I recognise the increase of Muslim residents within the borough over the last few years, and the need for adequate places of worship for them, I feel the proposed location for the new mosque is unsuitable.

“The area already has limited parking spaces for residents and with the loss of local carparks due to the new housing developments at Orchard Village, residents are lucky to be able to park close to their house.”

The planning application comes a year after another similar application was turned down.

Councillor Summers continued: “The whole area is being regenerated with housing developments and parking spaces will be at a premium.

“All centres generate visitors and this area has so little public transport they would have to travel by car.”

Independent Resident’s Group supporter Mr Elliot added: “The surrounding roads are narrow and already at capacity, with cars filling the whole lengths of the roads.

“At service times, the proposed Mosque will greatly increase traffic and will negatively impact those who live in the vicinity.”

Mr Elliot concluded: “Its important the council recognised the concerns of the local residents and consider the impact that the new Mosque will have on local residents.

“These roads are very congested and tight.”
Any objections to application P1716.8 should be e-mailed to [email protected]

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