Residents in Barking want a ‘safer neighbourhood’

n Councillor Darren Rodwell and residents on the estate

Lefley estate

Unhappy residents of the Lefley estate in Barking met with Leader of the Council, Councillor Darren Rodwell and Superintendent Sean Wilson, from the East Area Command Unit, this week.
They came together to go for a walkabout of trouble hotspots and areas of anti-social behaviour on the estate on Monday, March 5.
Residents are angry at the level of crime and anti-social behaviour taking place on their doorsteps and have turned to the council and police for help.
Resident Baslar Rahman told The Enquirer: “We are doing this tour with councillors, police and the safer neighbourhood team to find vulnerable points where burglars can access, and where anti-social behaviour is happening, to try and tackle this within our area and unite all residents. We have had enough, we want a safer neighbourhood.”
Mr Rahman has lived on the estate since 2015 and has noticed an increase in crime.
He continued: “On my road, three houses were burgled recently. At the corner of Upney Lane, there have been reports of drug dealers.
“These criminals come from outside the area and are bringing crime onto our estate.”


The group walked the length of the estate highlighting where the worst of the trouble is.
Mr Rahman added: “We have a WhatsApp group set up for local residents where we alert everyone of anything suspicious in the area. One resident saw a van with six men sitting outside his house at 7am; he took pictures and we alerted other residents so they could be on the look-out.”
Cllr Rodwell said: “We are asking residents to be socially responsible and we, as a council, want to facilitate that.
“It’s about joint working, residents, local police and, ourselves as a local authority. We need to continue to do what we think we can with the resources that we have.”
Cllr Rodwell wrote to the Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd recently to ask for more police.
He continued: “I have written to them to ask for money for the Barking area or at least to stop the cuts hitting our much needed frontline services.
Superintendent Wilson added: “We now have joint task force meetings with the local authority each week. We have joint enforcement patrols also and two dedicated ward police officers per ward in Barking and Dagenham.”


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