Residents association pleased with Havering local election results

Borough councillors and supporters in wake of the election.

No party takes council control

Following a contentious vote, no single party gained control of Havering Council following the local elections last week on Thursday, May 3. 

After a long night of counting with the first results arriving after 3am, each party saw seats gained and some lost but not enough to give them the control of the borough.

South Hornchurch saw the addition of newly elected Councillor Natasha Summers from the Residents Association, who told the Enquirer: “I would like to thank all the south Hornchurch residents who backed my first attempt at becoming a councillor. I hope to reward them by being at their service whenever they need my help.”

Hylands Ward went to the Conservative party with newly elected Councillor Maggie Themastoclis, Ciaran White and Christine Smith all voted in.

Councillor Themasastoclis told the Enquirer: “The Hylands team are really grateful to everyone that came out to vote for us. The turnout in Hylands was one of the highest in the borough and we won with a huge majority. It shows that hard work pays off and now we are going to deliver for our local residents. We want to make sure that people have access to their councillors and we will get things done.”

Turn out across the borough was particularly low with only 36 per cent compared to the last elections in 2014, that had a 43 per cent turn out. Councillor Graham Williamson from the Residents Association told the Enquirer: “We are very pleased, we took our third seat here in South Hornchurch, however, we lost our Hylands Ward.

“I’m calling on all Residents Association Councillors to now unite and come together to form a Resident Association/ Independent administration across Havering. Its early days still we have until the first full council meeting on the 23rd before the council will be decided.”

In Harold Hill, the Harold Hill Independent Party won their first seat in the Gooshays Ward. Councillor Jan Sargent told The Enquirer: “I’m so proud to have been chosen by the people of Harold Hill and I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for me and to Lorraine Moss in particular.

“This has been a team effort, we are a party that is less than a year old, so I am very proud of what we have achieved. I will repay everyone’s trust and faith by giving back to them in return. ”

The future of Havering will be decided by May 23 with the first full council meeting and Havering’s Council will be decided.

Councillor Williamson added: “There are many important issues to deal with here in Havering such as the protection of our greenbelt land from over development.”



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