Residents anger at school


Locals have branded a firework display at a Primary school in Harold Hill as ‘horrendous’ after the school it is believed, failed to notify any of its neighbours.
Residents in Sheffield Drive are angry at Drapers Maylands Primary School for organising a firework display in its field that not only faces many residential properties but also directly backs onto The Manor nature reserve where many deer, graze every day.
One local resident, who did not wish to be named told The Enquirer: “I am absolutely disgusted with this, there was no communication from the Headteacher about the display, we weren’t notified at all.
“We didn’t receive a letter informing us about the firework display and the first we knew of it was when the event started and we heard these loud banging noises directly opposite our house.
“It would have been common courtesy to let us know, instead nothing.”
The school directly backs on to The Manor nature reserve which is known for its beautiful wildlife where many wild animals come and graze on a regular basis.
One local resident who visits the park everyday to feed the deer told The Enquirer: “We have deer that live all around this area and we all know how badly fireworks can affect animals.
“This type of statement from the school clearly shows that they don’t actually care about the environment around them. They should appreciate the fact that their school backs on to such a beautiful place instead of putting on a display like this.”
Elderly residents who live opposite the property were shocked on Friday evening to discover that there was a planned fireworks display directly opposite their property and they had not been informed about it.


The resident continued: “My dog was terrified, I had to sit and hold him all night and my neighbour’s dog was so distressed he was sick everywhere through shock. Why weren’t we informed about this? Is it not a matter of common courtesy to let us neighbours know they had planned an event like this?
“There was no communication from them whatsoever ever.
“We all appreciate they want the children to have an enjoyable evening, but what would it have cost them to have sent a letter out to us informing us of the event?’
Local Councillor Jan Sargent told The Enquirer “I’m very disappointed with the school for not informing local residents.
“It would have been a matter of courtesy to let locals know about this event.
“If the school want to build relationships with the community, then this is not the way to go about things.”
The school was contacted but no quote was offered.

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