Rescuing man’s best friend in Shoebury…


The Dog RescuersTV PICK: The Dog Rescuers
Tuesday 9 June 
8pm, Channel 5

PRESENTED by comedian and dog lover Alan Davies, The Dog Rescuers follows the work of RSPCA officers who are committed to the rescue and welfare of man’s best friend.

The latest episode takes the team to Shoeburyness in Southend-on-Sea, where inspector Matt Gough (pictured right) receives a call about a little terrier called Eady.

The nine-year-old Jack Russell cross was trapped under a lorry container in a livery yard and the owner was worried as the dog had become stuck and looked panicked.

In order to lift the container and free the dog, Matt knew that he’d need the help of the Fire Brigade and so called in for back up.

“She’d gone under the container, probably to chase some rats or mice like many Jack Russells do, and had tried to turn around and got stuck,” explains Matt, who has worked for the RSPCA for over six years. “She was about six or seven feet in, I could see her little eyes shining back at me but she was just out of reach. The container wasn’t stable enough for me to move it on my own, so I called for the Fire Brigade.”

The Fire Brigade arrived at the scene and slowly managed to lift the container that Eady was stuck under – but because the ground underneath the container was soft, freeing the pooch was much harder than the team first anticipated.

“It’s very common for Jack Russell type dogs to get trapped,” says 30-year-old Matt. “They often shoot down holes and try to squeeze their way into tiny spaces. But in this case it was so lovely to have her owner there with her. A lot of the cases we see are often animals left on their own or abandoned. Eady’s owner was fantastic, she spoke to her the whole time to keep her calm and when we eventually managed to free her she ran straight into her owner’s arms.”

Sadly the series will be airing some stories in Essex where the owners aren’t so helpful. Matt tells me that he was called to an incident in Benfleet where a Jack Russell and a Staffie were kept in appalling conditions and was also called to the A127 where a bunch of Jack Russell puppies were left abandoned.

“I love animals and Channel 5 are fantastic to work with as they just stay in the background and let you do your job,” he says. “But unfortunately not all owners are ones that dogs can rely on and trust like Eady’s.”


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